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Did it!

Achieved this month’s goal of 15 miles!  Now to consider the goal for September.

Also, not sure if it was 2 runs in 3 days or because I went out this afternoon but my legs felt less enthusiastic than normal.  However, my pace was a smidge up on Friday’s (which was my best up to then) so it can’t be all bad.

And yes I did put the right shoes on this time.

Don’t it feel good

I pulled on my running shoes for the first time since tweaking my MCL back at the end of May.  Not wanting to go back on the injured list I opted to go back to 30 second run/2 min walk with 6 repeats.  I really expected to be out of breath and all sweaty before finishing, so was pleasantly surprised when I wasn’t – I got warm but no rivers of sweat running everywhere.

I also felt a slight niggle just above the pelvis on the right hand side – between the spine and the hip bone.  This niggle and I are old friends.  It sometimes sets off my sciatic nerve and piriformis ache.  Just another nudge towards going to see a personal trainer for some core strengthening work.

Afterwards my right thigh was tight, as usual.  I don’t know what it is with this muscle but it’s always tighter than the left (and it was the left MCL that went).

It was good to be out there again.  All those feel good endorphins are whizzing round my system.

This month’s goal is to do 10 miles.

Happy bunny

After crocking my calf a couple of weeks ago and then needing to be chief taxi-driver, etc, for the in-laws during their visit I haven’t done a lot of pavement pounding.  I’ve discovered it’s hard to concentrate on running when you’re wound up – though maybe I just ran a bit too soon after eating breakfast.  Either way, my attempt last week left me feeling queasy and cheesed off.  The in-laws are now back home – I took a day out in between driving them up there and coming back here to visit family.  So, today I got my kit on and got back on to the structured run plan.

WOW!!!  It’s amazing what a few days off can do.  I had to come up with a new, longer ending to my simplest route (thought this one would be best after a lay off) as I still had 2 more cycles to complete when I came to my usual ending point.  In fairness, I haven’t done this route as a structured run for quite a while so the improvement in my speed was unexpected.  The very last run phase was uphill – AND I DID IT!!!!  Yes it was hard and yes my legs were telling me off but I dug in and finished the phase.

Feeling very smug and satisfied.  (And I’ve set this month’s run/walk goal).

Weigh in – on the move again

Finally!!!!  After a month of little gains my body has taken the hint and gone for it big time.  4.5lbs down!!!  Enough to earn me my Club 10 Award.  (Club 10 is where you have lost 10% of your starting weight).

I’ve also set myself a series of mini-targets.  In two weeks, because I’m away next week, I want to have lost another 1.5lbs to take me to my 1.5 stone loss award.  Then, by the end of April I want to have lost a further 5lbs to take me into a new stone number.  Finally, by the end of May I want to have shifted a further 7lbs to take me to my target.

Happy days!

(And while I’m goal setting I’m hoping to run/walk 25 miles this month).

Weigh in

Another maintain!  But after last week’s extravagances (dabbling with chocolate brownies, ice cream, sauces AND whipped cream, as well as wraps and fried potatoes) I so deserved to have put on.  Thus, I am happy with the maintain.

What I am not happy with is this new groove of getting nowhere fast with the weight loss.  I lose a bit, put some of that back on, maintain – RINSE & REPEAT!!!!!!  I need to shift another 3lbs to get my 10% Award (where I have lost 105 of my starting weight).  My SW consultant has given me an SAS (Sabotage All Sinners) log for me to plot what’s happening for a week.  Hopefully, this will give me clues as to why things are dithering.  Of course, it may also be due to my getting better at jogging and, from that, increasing muscle mass.  Muscle is denser than fat so a cubic centimetre of muscle weighs more than a cubic centimetre of fat.

I got my strength training in today, pushing a wheelchair around our local town (in the snow, silly me) and then around the supermarket with one of those clip-on trolleys on the front.  My thighs and shoulders are tight tonight.

My goal for this month is to move that 3lbs AND have covered at least 15 miles jogging/walking (bearing in mind that I only started this yesterday, 10 days in).