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Did it!

Achieved this month’s goal of 15 miles!  Now to consider the goal for September.

Also, not sure if it was 2 runs in 3 days or because I went out this afternoon but my legs felt less enthusiastic than normal.  However, my pace was a smidge up on Friday’s (which was my best up to then) so it can’t be all bad.

And yes I did put the right shoes on this time.

Some days!

I never got around to posting about my personal trainer session on Tuesday.  I worked hard with plenty of arm work.  My shoulder and arm still haven’t forgiven me.

Today I decided to get out for a run.  And things started conspiring against me from the minute I made that decision.  The clouds gathered and an up-to-then sunny morning soon had rain bucketing down.  I waited for it to slow down and the sky to start to brighten before getting my shoes on.  After all, I’ve got to learn to run in the wet sometime.

So, mindlessly put my shoes on and headed out.  I didn’t notice till near the end of the run that I had my “day” shoes on and not my runners!  My “day” shoes are a walking shoe style so, hopefully, no damage done (and probably why I really didn’t notice).

When I run I use MapMyFitness to log it.  Handy little app on my phone that sends all the data to the website so I can analyse it to death later.  Except today, for some reason, it threw a fit.  It was happy to start recording the time taken when I pressed start but decided not to start logging the distance gone until nearly 6 minutes in.  So I was shocked when I finished my run and saw my mins/mile time at 17 minutes and change!  Blimey!!!!  I walk faster than that and seeing as how I’d done a couple of long (for me) runs I knew it was wrong.  Soon corrected when I got home and on to the website.

The gods had obviously decided today was a good day to test me!

The run itself was marvellous.  Two longish runs and a short one – where I noticed the footwear faux pas and called it quits.  I pick up niggles easily enough without being foolish.  It felt good to be chugging along.  And equally rewarding was the relatively quick recovery between runs – though I possibly need to walk a bit faster as time seemed to pass by way too quickly for the distance covered.

And as I look out the window right now, the clouds are breaking open and the sun is coming out again.  <sigh>

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good – I got up early and went for a run.  And once I sorted out the technology it was good.

The bad – The above mentioned technology issue.  My phone won’t let me be logged into my fitness website AND run my interval timer app.  Plus, said interval timer app is SOOOOO sensitive to me putting my phone back in its pocket that it pauses itself.  Once my techno expert returns from foreign parts I’ll be picking his brains.

Edited to add – Just found out I can add my efforts manually on the website so I don’t need to be on two apps at once.  Happy days!

The ugly – Have you seen me run?!  You definitely wouldn’t call it pretty.

(The new shoes were fine).

New start, new shoes

Even though I haven’t posted on here for a while I have still been doing my best to keeptake  Running with a complaining shoulder is no fun.  The constant moving and pounding soon had me reaching for the pain killers.   So I didn’t do very much.

What I did notice on those rare occasions was that my shoes didn’t feel right.  They were moving round on my foot, not very much but enough to make some bits sore.  So today, after seeing Neil, I headed to Absolute Running down in Gosport.  The young man in there put me through my paces on their treadmill before selecting a couple of pairs of shoes.  I tried them both, both on the treadmill and the pavement,  before deciding on these

20140729_133801 20140729_133836And the best bit?  If, in the next 30 days, it works out that these aren’t right i can take them back.