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Well that didn’t last long, did it?!  10 days into returning to running and POW!

Thursday’s efforts have twanged my ITB/vastus lateralis.  Two days of rest and ice (and hot tub) and the aching went away.  This morning’s gentle stroll with hubster have brought it back – so no running allowed.  Might have to go for a swim tomorrow.


Ticker trouble

No, not my heart.  I’m trying to update my run ticker (down the right-hand side) but it won’t have it.  I’ve been on to the website, updated my info but it keeps resetting it back to the old value and won’t stay at the new or update the ticker.


Updated to add:  I tried to make a new ticker but the website wouldn’t let me do that either so the tickers are gone, replaced by boring text till I have the time and the energy to sort it out.

Time away but no slacking

I’m over in Holland at the moment,  but back tomorrow.

Yesterday we caught the train to Amsterdam.   After buying a map we took a slow walk round town – slow because it was very,  very hot.  We walked for miles, that I’ll work out when I get home.

Today we went into Leiden.  It started off warm but soon became hot.  Again, a good walk round, that I’ll work out later.  My poor feet hurt.

I wish I could say my food choices had been as healthy.  But even if they had been the wine consumption yesterday would have undone it.  (Just keeping it real, I’m no saint).

The morning after

I ache!!!!  Thank goodness it’s a rest day.

Updated to add:  Rest day? Pah!  Lifting daughter’s mobility scooter into and out of the car (twice); shopping; making apple crumble by hand from scratch; laundry including the ironing.  Not much taking it easy there, eh?  As of this moment I am trying to summon up the energy to make turkey mince chilli burgers, though the hot tub might get a visit first.  It’ll be a VERY early night tonight – am exhausted.

Weigh in

Lost another half pound – just another half pound to go to have lost two and a half stone.  Hopefully next week.

I really didn’t deserve to have lost anything this week – should have put on a couple of pounds really.  I went up north to a funeral and spent a few days visiting family.  The buffet at the wake was all pastry/bread with NO salad.  Plus, my parents aren’t quite used to me eating properly yet so there was a serious shortage of good stuff on the menu.  I bought myself some grapes and peppers, and did my best with what was in the freezer.  And I put away a bottle of wine in 3 nights.  On the plus side I did go for another gentle run/walk session; and MIL goes to Slimming World so her larder was much more suitable.

Not in the plan

Yesterday’s run didn’t happen.  My dear darling son has shared his germs and although I’m not as bad as he’s been I still feel washed out.  So I didn’t want to stress out my body further by pounding the pavements.

I probably could go out for a run but I’m taking things VERY slowly.  I don’t want to do more harm than good when I am relatively unfit.  As long as the germs go away I’ll try again later this week.

Sorry, no weigh in

Now I’m a target member of Slimming World I don’t have to weigh in every week.  This week saw me returning the in-laws back to in-law-ville instead.

I’ve managed to upset my upper arm muscle again, probably due to lots of driving and lifting of things.

Normal service should be resumed on Monday.  Thanks for still following me (if you are).

Weigh in – award

Yes!!!!  I lost a pound to get my 2 stone award.  Just 4lbs more to hit my target.

I consider myself VERY lucky to have done it this week.  Last week I was away visiting family and going out for the day.  So, my food choices weren’t always the best.  In fact, I think I flexi-syned every day!  When I got on the scales on Saturday (2 days ago) I’d put on 2lbs from my last weight in.  Somehow or other – and please don’t ask me how ‘cos I don’t know (but if I did I’d bottle it and sell it) – I lost 3lbs in 2 days.

Whilst at group this morning I left my purse in my bag so I ran back to get it.  Big mistake.  The consultant yelled at me to stop running on my bad knee.  By the time I left group it was feeling a bit twingy.  Then when I got home I indulged in some Body Magic – otherwise known as spring-cleaning the bedroom.  Let’s just say the ice pack was my bestest friend this afternoon.

So, dear readers, for those of you who know about this sort of thing.  I tweaked (twisted/sprained) my MCL – no tearing.  How long do I rest it?  It’s 2 days shy of 5 weeks since I did it.  Should I still be taking it easy or should I be doing some sort of rehabilitative excerise?  The urge to run again is really pulling at me but I don’t want to make things worse.  Any ideas, please??????