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Survey time

OK dear readers, it’s your turn.

Over on the right hand side I have a couple of tickers – one for weight loss and one for miles I run/walk.  The weight loss one is staying but I’m wondering what to do about the other one.  As I’ve mentioned before I fancy doing duathlons, a combination of cycling and running, AND I also do other exercise sessions during the week.

So what I want to know is:

  1. Do I make different tickers for different activities?
  2. Do I amalgamate all these different activities and have ONE ticker showing something like “Time spent on exercise”?
  3. Do I take down this ticker and not have any?
  4. Any other suggestion you care to make.

I’d like to hear your opinion(s) so leave me a comment telling me which option you would go for.  Obviously if you choose option 4 I’ll need details.

Thank you, friends.