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Oh my!

I went for a shuffle round the neighbourhood this morning, choosing to ditch the fixed “run x/walk y, repeat z times” schedule for a “run and walk as required until had enough” schedule.  Without trying I got my best average mph over 2 miles – 4.67!  Still postively sedentary as running goes but to me it’s as good as an Olympic gold medal.  The longest run stint was 0.3 miles and I managed to repeat that here and there.  Again, not exactly setting the running world alight but enough to give me a smile.

I think I will stick to the more relaxed run/walk sessions, rather than the fixed.  Why?  After doing some thinking I realised that when I do the fixed stuff I tend to get running-related injuries.  When I do the relaxed stuff I don’t get anything like as many (though the score’s about even on injuries preventing running due to non-running related ones).  So I’m going to listen to my body more and follow its lead.

Go me!

After 11 months of sweat and “what the heck are you doing to me” under the watchful and expert eye of my personal trainer, today I did my first ever dead lift.  30kgs!!!  Three times!!!  Feeling so chuffed.  (That’s 66lbs in old money).

Unfortunately, after that everything else seemed twice as hard because my legs were like jelly.  But I enjoyed it and am so proud of myself.  I’ve gone from struggling to do a simple squat to nailing lifting 30kgs!

I’m a happy bunny tonight.