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As expected, I’ve been advised not to run on Sunday.  In fact, to lay off the running till the end of next week – and then to take it easy and spend time slowly building back to where I was.  Gutted doesn’t even come close.

I’ve tweaked the medial collateral ligament – nothing serious but enough to excite the hamstring near the same knee.  Ice is my new best friend.

Still, best to sit this weekend’s race out than potentially spend weeks getting over this (what would likely happen if I ran and stumbled, putting any twisting movement through that same knee).  I am not the most patient of patietnts.  Last night, a mere 12 hours after receiving instructions from the osteopath, I was out of my head with boredom.  Imagine what it would be like after 12 days!  Hubby and kids are shuddering at the thought.


What I didn’t say yesterday, because I was hoping it would be ‘all better’ by this morning, was that my knee started to ache as the day went on.  But, it only ached when I was bending or straightening it, as in sitting down/standing up.  When I went to bed last night there was a hint of swelling.

Going back to that first sentence and the phrase “‘all better’ by morning”; it wasn’t.  In fact, the swelling was worse, obvious to hubby and daughter.  The twinge of pain when I move it is no worse but there is a very gentle ache all the time.  So, I’m off to the osteopath tomorrow, having followed her instructions (knee straight, plenty of icing) today.

I am SO BORED it is untrue.  According to the TV guide I was in for a cricket fest today.  Unfortunately the seasonal British spring weather has me watching the highlights of last year’s CB40 competition – and I know who won that ‘cos I watched it (Hampshire, for those who don’t).  Ooh, they’re warming up for the Sussex v. Warwickshire match; should be underway in about 40 minutes – YAY!!!!!!

I am half-expecting the osteopath to advise me to not do the Gosport Golden Mile on Sunday.  I’ll be gutted but will probably do as I’m told.  The last time I was advised (by a different therapist) not to do an event I ignored her – and spent 3 months getting over the achilles problem I made worse by doing so.  I’m not a good patient/invalid so I can do without being crocked for any longer than necessary.

I don’t think it was related to yesterday’s run.  Rather, I think it had a lot to do with my spending a few hours in the afternoon marking out (standing up and twisting) and cutting (sitting down) material to make some pan protectors.  Talk about yo-yo.  Up and down, up and down, up and down, with lots of twisting as I try to keep the template still whilst drawing round it.  <sigh>.

Nothing new to report

Just plodding on, getting ready for the Gosport Mile next weekend.  The rest of my runs till then will be milers rather than structured.  I managed 0.95 miles today.  Having the finishing line to aim for next Sunday will be a big help and encouragement.

One little thing to report is that I have finally gotten too small for my favourite pair of blue jeans – even with the belt on.  I look terrible in them.  I’ve only had them a year.

In the bag

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve entered the Gosport Golden Mile.  It’s in 2 weeks.  When I entered (arm-twisted gently by a Slimming World friend) I couldn’t run for more than half a mile in one go.  Yesterday I managed 0.92 of a mile!!!!  If I’d known how close I’d got I might have made it.  Might not because I was puffing worse than a steam train pulling out of a station (and just as loud, too).

I’m no longer worried about running it all.

That icky feeling

That’s now two mornings in 10 days where I’ve felt that I might part company with my breakfast whilst running.  A quick search of Dr Google has given me some pointers –

  1. Trying too hard – I’ve just moved up to 2 minutes run/2 minutes walk, so this may well be true.  Plus the run phases where I felt queasy involved hills (though not every hill brings it on).
  2. Dehydration – I’ve not been taking water out with me for a while, mainly because the weight it was jarring my bad elbow with every pace I ran.  I swapped hands for a while but found my good elbow started to protest after a while.  I’ve now invested in a belt that carries the bottles BUT the zip pocket is only just big enough for my mobile – and my mobile is my stopwatch (for structured training) or GPS (for mapping free runs).
  3. Going out too soon after breakfast – I used to leave it an hour after my brekkie of 2 veggie sos, 2 dry fried eggs, beans and toast.  This morning I left it 2 hours.

Next run I’ll take the water with me.  Gotta get this sorted out before 2nd June and the Gosport Golden Mile.

Free run

That is, not structured by set run/walk phases.

It’s my first one since the beginning of the month – where I was struggling to regularly hit 0.4 miles in one go.  Well, today I managed 0.61 miles in 6 minutes 30!!!!  I then had to walk for a bit before running to finish the mile in 11 minutes 55.  On my entry into the Gosport Mile I had to guesstimate my finishing time.  I put 12 minutes.  Looks like I’ll be under that.

I’m now more positive that I’ll be able to run the whole race.

First race

I’ve entered the Gosport Golden Mile, on 2nd June.  Here’s the URL:


I’ve been thinking about it for a little while but, as part of my not wanting to do too much too soon, I held off.  After a small discussion at Slimming World this morning I’m all entered, as is hubby.

I have decided to raise funds for a little boy who lives just a couple of miles away, Reuben.


As you can see from the website, Reuben has quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  If you would like to sponsor me and don’t know me IRL or don’t live locally there is a Paypal button on Reuben’s website.  Please make sure that you mention it is sponsorship for Lisa (me) doing the Gosport Mile.

It is my intention to run it all, even though my furthest single-run stint is currently only at 0.4 miles.

Thank you.