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Ticker trouble

No, not my heart.  I’m trying to update my run ticker (down the right-hand side) but it won’t have it.  I’ve been on to the website, updated my info but it keeps resetting it back to the old value and won’t stay at the new or update the ticker.


Updated to add:  I tried to make a new ticker but the website wouldn’t let me do that either so the tickers are gone, replaced by boring text till I have the time and the energy to sort it out.

Go me!

After 11 months of sweat and “what the heck are you doing to me” under the watchful and expert eye of my personal trainer, today I did my first ever dead lift.  30kgs!!!  Three times!!!  Feeling so chuffed.  (That’s 66lbs in old money).

Unfortunately, after that everything else seemed twice as hard because my legs were like jelly.  But I enjoyed it and am so proud of myself.  I’ve gone from struggling to do a simple squat to nailing lifting 30kgs!

I’m a happy bunny tonight.

Time away but no slacking

I’m over in Holland at the moment,  but back tomorrow.

Yesterday we caught the train to Amsterdam.   After buying a map we took a slow walk round town – slow because it was very,  very hot.  We walked for miles, that I’ll work out when I get home.

Today we went into Leiden.  It started off warm but soon became hot.  Again, a good walk round, that I’ll work out later.  My poor feet hurt.

I wish I could say my food choices had been as healthy.  But even if they had been the wine consumption yesterday would have undone it.  (Just keeping it real, I’m no saint).

Survey time

OK dear readers, it’s your turn.

Over on the right hand side I have a couple of tickers – one for weight loss and one for miles I run/walk.  The weight loss one is staying but I’m wondering what to do about the other one.  As I’ve mentioned before I fancy doing duathlons, a combination of cycling and running, AND I also do other exercise sessions during the week.

So what I want to know is:

  1. Do I make different tickers for different activities?
  2. Do I amalgamate all these different activities and have ONE ticker showing something like “Time spent on exercise”?
  3. Do I take down this ticker and not have any?
  4. Any other suggestion you care to make.

I’d like to hear your opinion(s) so leave me a comment telling me which option you would go for.  Obviously if you choose option 4 I’ll need details.

Thank you, friends.

Just when I thought I could relax

Kind of a ‘life’ post, rather than a getting fit/losing weight post.

After hubby’s surgery at the beginning of the month and the two week recovery, I figured that by now I could look forward to a peaceful rest of the summer.  Yeah, well the fates (or whatever deity rocks your world) decided that my stress levels hadn’t been high enough for long enough and that I needed to return to the insane levels (usually self-inflicted by taking everything too seriously) of 18 months ago.

The in-laws have sold their house up north and are looking to move down here to the South coast.  I’ve spent the past week raiding estate agents in the chosen location, viewing a couple to get an idea if they’re the sort of thing being looked for and then booking in viewings for the latter part of next week – we’re currently at 8 in a day and half.  Before the viewings I have to drive up north and fetch the in-laws (overnight stay at my parents), then the following week I get to do it all again to take them back home.  After that, assuming they find the right place, there’ll be all the usual stress involved with moving house/moving elderly relatives 200 miles out of their comfort zone – the move was their choice.

On top of this an old family friend (of my parents more than me, but still) has terminal stomach cancer.  A couple of weeks ago he was told 6 – 9 months without chemo, or some undertermined time with it.  Well he was taken into hospital this week to be drip fed as he couldn’t eat or drink.  This after his first chemo session.  So I’m thinking that a) it’s just a reaction to the chemo, b) it’s a mental thing as eating very little has caused him indigestion and some pain for a while now and he’s become scared to do so, or c) the cancer has spread/grown and he is in the end stages so quickly.

Combine this with the impending in law move and I am stressed to the extreme.  Today has seen me with my first migraine in some years.  I’m trying to decide whether it’s all of the above or the impending storms.  We’ve got plenty of black clouds but nothing else.

(Manically singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”).

If you have read this far, I thank you.  I didn’t start this blog to post on life in general; just needed to get it off my chest.

Words fail me

Whilst this blog is not about the happenings within my family or the wider world I couldn’t not post about the awful news from Boston.  Their marathon is on my list of things to do – though whether I ever get the qualifying time we’ll have to see.

My heart and thoughts go out to all those affected by the explosions yesterday.  Marathons are quite easy targets for someone (singular or plural) who wants to cause mayhem.  They’re run in public areas over 26.2 miles so are nigh on impossible to seal off.  You could make them on a closed route by throwing a ticket only security barrier around the course.  It would need to be a few streets wider each side of the route and the disruption would be enormous.  But the whole point of running them on the streets is so that people can watch, for as little or as long as they want, the big names and the amateurs run through their neighbourhoods – hopefully inspiring the spectators to get their running shoes on and aim to ‘be there’ in future years.  I certainly wouldn’t enter a marathon length event that went round and round a 400metre athletics track.   That would be boring.  PLUS you couldn’t have the mass participation that these events are famous for.

If I was entered into a marathon in the coming months I certainly wouldn’t be put off running it.  To me, not competing means the lowlifes who commit these atrocities have won AND it encourages more sickos to do something similar.  However, I do understand that some people will pull out of events.  That is their choice and I wouldn’t castigate anyone for doing so.  We all have our own opinions on it and all have to make our own decisions.

(So, the title is sort of a lie.  As you can see by this post words haven’t failed me.  BUT, there are no words to describe how I felt last night as the news broke).

Bon voyage

As I sit here typing this post I am trying to pass the few hours until daughter and I leave for our cruise – the menfolk are staying here (their break together is in September).  It’s going to be fun and probably, for me, a good work out.

Daughter has a chronic pain condition which means that she has mild aches constantly that can flare into eye-watering intensity for no good reason.  There’s no warning when it’s going to happen.  When it does happen it leaves her shuffling round the place like a little old lady who has lost her zimmer frame.  So, I’ve hired a wheelchair for the week.  We may not need it (fingers crossed) but we’re taking one so that she can get out an about during our port visits if it’s not such a good day painwise.  It’s a manual wheelchair and she’s not the best ‘driver’, hence why my muscles will be getting plenty of strength training.

The weather is forecast to be pleasantly warm.  We’re hoping that warmth will help with her pain, as cold makes her a lot worse.  Imagine getting the most awful pains in your hands just by taking a cold can of pop out of the fridge.  Not fun.

I am going to have to be extra-vigilant on the food front.  It is so easy, as I know from previous experience, to stuff yourself on the delicious 5 course meals.  There is also a buffet, which will be fine IF I stick to the salad end of things.  If I stray to the creamy, chocolatey pudding end I’m doomed!

So, there’ll be no weigh-in post tomorrow, nor any newsy posts during the week.  The boat does have internet access – by the minute – but I’m quite likely to lose myself online for an hour or so.  Instead I’ll go ‘cold turkey’ till I get home.

Be good, and I’ll ‘see’ you all next week.

A quickie

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but the germs are taking their own sweet time to go away.  One day I’m feeling on the mend, the next day definitely not.  I feel that I should write a post on all this food scandal but right now I don’t have the energy to be bothered.  Next week.

A considered response

Last week a friend asked me if I could earn more Syns by being more active.  I said that wasn’t the case.  She thought it would be an incentive to move more.  I needed some time to consider her point.  Here are my thoughts on it.  Feel free to make yours in the comments section.

Friend told me that you get more points on WW if you are more active.  I’m not sure how WW works so I can’t comment on this.  However, her asking if more Syns would be available made me think how that would work.  I mean, yes who wouldn’t like to be able to have more syn-ful food in exchange for an hour’s walking/aerobics/insert activity of your choice.  BUT, and in my mind it is a big BUT (though not as big as mine, hahahaha), are you then setting up an association of food as a reward – food/treats that aren’t doing us much good nutritionally in the first place (and probably got us into the state where we needed SW to help undo it all).

I wonder how many of us have done some activity and then joined friends at the coffee shop for a hot drink and a muffin.  Or called in to get a bar of chocolate to snack on on the way home again.  I know I have, justifying it as having earned it after all the calories I’d just burned.  If you really want to scare yourself have a look how many calories are in the muffin/bar of chocolate.  Then, using a search of the internet, try and find roughly how many calories you burned doing your activity.  I’ll bet there’s a big difference THE WRONG WAY!!!!!  You will, just about every time, have put back WAY MORE calories than you expended, meaning that you are in a worse place calorie-wise than if you’d stayed home and not bothered in the first place.  Shocked??  So was I when I finally did the maths.

I once set up a treadmill to log the calories used rather than the distance travelled.  I couldn’t believe how much effort went into shifting 200 calories.  There are 116 calories in a 48g bar of Galaxy Caramel, or 11.5 syns  A certain coffee chain’s double chocolate muffin is 405 calories, so you can imagine the syn count!

So, I’ve decided I don’t want any more syns to be given to me for getting off my lardy behind and doing something useful and healthy; I’ll take the extra lost pounds on the scales instead.  Syns are there to warn us that a food isn’t that beneficial nutritionally.

If anyone can explain how WW and points work leave me a message in the comments section.  I’d be interested to know.  Also, if you want to add your thoughts to this send me a comment.