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Probably best not to …

… finish your run/walk session this morning with an UPHILL!  Note to self – plan ahead.

In fact, there were 2 uphill run sessions in this morning’s effort.  I suppose I need to get on with them – can’t avoid them forever.

I was out the door for just after 8am, not bad after a second night of little sleep.  The first couple of runs were draggy but after that I got into my stride.  Really thought I’d gone further than last time, but not quite.  Gonna blame the hills  😉

The new t-shirt is just the job.  Loose enough not to constrict but not so loose as to cause chafing.

That felt good

The aches and pains of the past couple of days were gone so by 8.30 this morning I was all kitted up and out the door.  I chose a flat route, a mere 16 feet of elevation change according to mapmyfitness, and an easy run 1 minute/walk 1 minute 30 (12 times for a total of 30 minutes.  I managed to cover 2.26 miles.  I then spent another 25+ minutes on my post-run stretches, so hopefully the aches won’t come back to haunt me.

There’s been a downside to all this fitness stuff (strictly first world problem lol).  My beloved “run addict” t-shirts, which used to be snug, are now impossible to get on.  I leave to your imagination the fun and games involved trying to get one off again (if you do manage to get it on) after a good run session!  So off to Absolute Running I go this morning.

All this exercising has changed my posture.  I now stand tall with my shoulders back instead of stooped and round shouldered.  When running I stride out more instead of shuffling along.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get water out of the little bottles on my water belt.  I pulled up the valve-thing and sucked like a baby, barely getting a drop.  In the end I took the lid off, during walk phases, and got my fill that way.

Looking good

We went into Southampton today, purely because it kept raining and meant our planned trip to the beach was off.  I told hubby that I would really like a red dress ready for next year’s special cruise (our 25th wedding anniversary) and maybe for a ball we’re going to in November.

After searching through Debenhams and finding nothing really wow (except for one that was £220 – no thanks), we came out opposite Tiffany’s.  Now Tiffany’s is a posh frock shop.  Think ball gowns, wedding dresses, prom dresses and the like.  When I saw the sale signs in the window it was a no brainer.  In we went.

Look what I found.

Red dress 2Absolutely gorgeous.  AND down from £125 to £50.  Plus it’s a size 12.  Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need to overhaul the wardrobe again

Two weeks ago tomorrow I tried on a pair of size 14 jeans.  They fit nicely and I wore them for several days before putting into wash.  Now normally if you wash jeans they shrink a little.  Not for me this time.  They seem to have grown a little.  So today I tried on some size 12 jeans – AND THEY FIT!!!!!!  Admittedly they’re a little snug – and will no doubt shrink a little in the wash – but THEY FIT.

Once we get into September I’ll be blitzing the wardrobe.  I kept some nice trousers (size 16) because, well, I never expected to go down this many sizes.  I’ve gone down from a size 18 to a size 12 (3 sizes, as we size in even numbers here in the UK).

This week just gets better and better.

Weigh in

Another 0.5lb on, making me 1lb above target.  Still in range though, but I must get back in the groove.

Today was our group’s Woman of the Year competition.  I was shocked during the past week to receive a letter telling me I’d been nominated.  I managed to find a couple of photos of me in the bad old days, wrote a bit of a blurb (which I duly ignored and winged it) and thought “not a hope in hell”.

There were 5 of us to do our thing in front of everyone else.  Standing up in front of people to speak is NOT my favourite thing.  My mind went blank and, as I said above, I winged it – severely editing the 2.5 sides of A4 I’d prepared down to not even a side.   Musta done something right because I WON!!!!!!!!!  I was presented with a sash, a certificate and an orchid.  Took me a few minutes to stop shaking.

I’ve no idea what comes next, though there is a national final.  My consultant will fill me in later.

So, if any of you are struggling with your weight I can recommend SW.  I haven’t found it difficult to follow, and it’s got me from eating 5 a year to 5 (or more) a day.  If it can do that for me it can help anyone.  If you already belong to a group, then try to stay to the chat bit after weigh in.  That’s what I put my success down to (and my stubborn-ness when I really want to do something).

And remember, above all, this is not a temporary change to your eating regime.  No, it’s meant as a lifetime commitment.  If what you were eating before was gonna keep the weight off it would have done.  It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.  Not that I’m 100% on plan at all times.  I have the odd day off here and there, and the odd day where I’m part on and part off.  Any questions, please ask.

From this –

Sat in a cafe in Monte Carlo.

Sat in a cafe in Monte Carlo.

to this –

Same clothes, different size me (different location too).

Same clothes, different size me (different location too).

Size 12 shirt size 14 jeans

Size 12 shirt size 14 jeans.


Quick update

The knee has finally decided to start behaving – phew!

Right up till Friday I was wondering when it would be fit to go for a walk, stand and iron, get out in the garden, or just let me potter round doing little jobs for more than 5 minutes at a time.

On Saturday I woke up feeling ready to try any one of these but it was England v Australia in the ICC Trophy – can’t miss mauling the Aussies!

This morning I was champing at the bit so a walk round town was on the menu.  My parents, who arrived for a visit on Wednesday, left early to go home – thanks to them my top border is weed-free and ready for planting, the halogen lights under the kitchen cabinets are all fitted, and my lavendar is planted in the end towers of a garden wall.  I should add that hubby has back issues and has been suffering for the past few weeks (after spending an hour or so trying to do some of these types of jobs).  Hubby and I headed into town and I am now the proud owner of a really nice jacket!  (So far, the knee is quite happy and not being obnoxious).

All this weight loss is making what were once comfortable clothes look a bit baggy and ‘wrong’.  So I’m slowly but surely changing my wardrobe.  There’ll be less clothes but what makes it in there will be good quality.  Lots of separates to mix and match.  Classic lines that don’t go out of fashion.

Also called at a garden centre to start planting perennials in my newly prepared border.  I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat.  If the knee is happy I shall start going on walks this week.

Nothing new to report

Just plodding on, getting ready for the Gosport Mile next weekend.  The rest of my runs till then will be milers rather than structured.  I managed 0.95 miles today.  Having the finishing line to aim for next Sunday will be a big help and encouragement.

One little thing to report is that I have finally gotten too small for my favourite pair of blue jeans – even with the belt on.  I look terrible in them.  I’ve only had them a year.

Cheshire cat time

I saw some nice dresses in Gap this morning.  I haven’t been in this shop for many years as there was never anything that a) took my fancy, and b) fit.  So in we went, found one and headed for the changing room (hubby waited outside).

I was totally gobsmacked when the SMALL was the best fit.  Hubby was equally impressed, so much so that he didn’t ask the price but just said “if you want it I’ll buy it”.  I have a new dress!!!

Now gonna spend the rest of the day humming “Walking on sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.

Weigh in

Another half pound gain.  Yet I’m not unhappy about it.  Why?  Because other areas are seeing the benefits of this new lifestyle.  Take a look at what my SW consultant posted on FB the other day:

It's not just weight loss

I can tick all of those.  I run further, the red jeans that I bought that were very tight are now loose enough not to irritate when I sit down, the inches are going (slowly), it won’t be long before I’ll have to have my wedding ring resized, and I have way more oomph than at almost any time in the past 10 years.  And as an added bonus my body fat percentage has fallen 2% in the past 6 weeks or so.  I’m just all round happier.

I’m doing longer run periods without stopping and, when I have to walk for a while I’m walking less.  Muscle is being built, which is denser than fat.  A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat.  To put it another way a litre of muscle weighs more than a litre of fat.  So, because my fat is going and being replaced by fat my inches are going down but my weight is maintaining/increasing slightly.  Yes I am looking forward to the scales moving downwards again BUT it’s not the only thing.

Did it again

A good walk with added joggy bits, that is.  I didn’t fancy it at first; spent a while explaining to myself (because everyone else was out/in bed) why I shouldn’t and by the time I’d done that I was raring to get my running shoes on and get out there.  I’m a contrary Mary sometimes  😉

I did 1.67 miles in 25 minutes, mostly walking at a reasonable (for me) speed.  I felt quite proud of myself.  When I got back I did my stretches, trying to avoid too many twinges later (so far, so good).  This exercise lark is addictive!

Hubby and I are off into Southampton tomorrow and they have a running shop so I’ll be going in there to look at suitable t-shirts/base layers AND another sports bra.  Just having one of those is proving to be impractical.

Fingers crossed I have shifted (at least) the half pound I need to lose to have gotten rid of a stone.  I didn’t realise how heavy a stone was until I lifted up the appropriate sized cushion at group last week.  Blimey!!!!!  For those of you who work in modern, it’s about 6.5kg.