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Some days!

I never got around to posting about my personal trainer session on Tuesday.  I worked hard with plenty of arm work.  My shoulder and arm still haven’t forgiven me.

Today I decided to get out for a run.  And things started conspiring against me from the minute I made that decision.  The clouds gathered and an up-to-then sunny morning soon had rain bucketing down.  I waited for it to slow down and the sky to start to brighten before getting my shoes on.  After all, I’ve got to learn to run in the wet sometime.

So, mindlessly put my shoes on and headed out.  I didn’t notice till near the end of the run that I had my “day” shoes on and not my runners!  My “day” shoes are a walking shoe style so, hopefully, no damage done (and probably why I really didn’t notice).

When I run I use MapMyFitness to log it.  Handy little app on my phone that sends all the data to the website so I can analyse it to death later.  Except today, for some reason, it threw a fit.  It was happy to start recording the time taken when I pressed start but decided not to start logging the distance gone until nearly 6 minutes in.  So I was shocked when I finished my run and saw my mins/mile time at 17 minutes and change!  Blimey!!!!  I walk faster than that and seeing as how I’d done a couple of long (for me) runs I knew it was wrong.  Soon corrected when I got home and on to the website.

The gods had obviously decided today was a good day to test me!

The run itself was marvellous.  Two longish runs and a short one – where I noticed the footwear faux pas and called it quits.  I pick up niggles easily enough without being foolish.  It felt good to be chugging along.  And equally rewarding was the relatively quick recovery between runs – though I possibly need to walk a bit faster as time seemed to pass by way too quickly for the distance covered.

And as I look out the window right now, the clouds are breaking open and the sun is coming out again.  <sigh>

Go me!

After 11 months of sweat and “what the heck are you doing to me” under the watchful and expert eye of my personal trainer, today I did my first ever dead lift.  30kgs!!!  Three times!!!  Feeling so chuffed.  (That’s 66lbs in old money).

Unfortunately, after that everything else seemed twice as hard because my legs were like jelly.  But I enjoyed it and am so proud of myself.  I’ve gone from struggling to do a simple squat to nailing lifting 30kgs!

I’m a happy bunny tonight.

Time away but no slacking

I’m over in Holland at the moment,  but back tomorrow.

Yesterday we caught the train to Amsterdam.   After buying a map we took a slow walk round town – slow because it was very,  very hot.  We walked for miles, that I’ll work out when I get home.

Today we went into Leiden.  It started off warm but soon became hot.  Again, a good walk round, that I’ll work out later.  My poor feet hurt.

I wish I could say my food choices had been as healthy.  But even if they had been the wine consumption yesterday would have undone it.  (Just keeping it real, I’m no saint).

It’s Tuesday so it must be strength training

I finally have enough arm strength to start heading towards press ups.  I can hold myself up for about 5 seconds.   That’s a big improvement on 8 months ago when I’d last a second at the most.  The actual moving up and down is still a no-go, not if I don’t want to rearrange my nose.  It will come.

I’m also in pre weight lifting mode.  I can do the squats down, set my shoulders in the right position,  and have my hands wrapped around an imaginary bar.  This one will have to advance slowly due to my iffy arm and shoulder.  I refuse to go back to how it was 2 months ago when I could barely get my arm above horizontal.

During the coming week I will continue to practise these movements at home – after my warm up stretches.

weigh in and swimming

1.5lb on this week.  I’m still 1lb below target so shouldn’t feel bad about it, but I do.  It’s still not easy to see weight going on and it being ok.  I’ll get there.

On to swimming.  The half hour lesson went so fast.  I am getting much better about having my face in the water.  My front crawl is getting stronger.  At then end we got to jump in.  The instructor said it was best to take goggles off.  Well, sorry, but there’s no way my head is going under water without my goggles on.  So I straddle jumped.  After the lesson finished some of us headed into the open lanes (where the public get to play when part of the pool is segregated for lessons/classes) and I did another 4.5 lengths – ran out of oomph on that last one.  Now trying hard NOT to fall asleep.

Tomorrow is personal trainer day.  Early night tonight.

Something a bit different

No weigh in this week, had sore throat and catarrh over the weekend so cancelled all my usual activities.

Fortunately the germs are taking the hint, though hubby is none too impressed that he has them.  So, as I’d cancelled my PT session yet woke up this morning wanting to DO something, I dragged my bike out the garage and dug out my nappy shorts.  For those of you who don’t cycle – or you just want to know what the heck are they are – nappy shorts (my own term for them) are shorts that are tight and clingy BUT with a giant piece of wadding to protect your undercarriage from those all too rough interactions with the saddle.  The wadding is shaped like a giant sanitary towel – a not very discreet one either.  I must admit it brought back flashbacks to my pre-hysterectomy days (bet the menfolk readers are all running for the hills now,  hee hee hee).

It was a lovely ride, mostly tarmac with a small unpaved section.  There were a few hills and I got up them really easily.  OK so they were short and not that steep, but c’mon they were hills!  I knocked off 5.93 miles in 46 minutes.

Weigh in – Award time again

Yes!!  That’s my two and a half stone loss award bagged.  I am half a pound inside my lower range limit.  It feels so wrong to be TRYING to put weight on (only a couple of pounds or so) when I have spent so long getting it off.  I’d really like to get down into the upper 10 stones as, although everyone says I look great as I am, I still feel a bit on the chunky side.  For now I think I’m going to see what all this exercise does; I’m hoping it’ll tone up the saggy bits.

After last week’s demotion to the easier class at swimming (thank goodness), this week’s class was so much easier.  I am less exhausted (so far), although the arm with the partially torn muscle (in June) aches plenty.  On a more positive note the swimming seems to have eased the (?) sciatic-y ache in my lower back/buttock.  AND I managed to do more breathing out underwater.  Still managed to swallow some, though.

A lovely day for a run

The sun is shining, the temperature not too bad, so time for a run.  My PT had given me a different method to try – breathe through your nose when running; when that becomes too difficult, walk till you can nose breathe again.  The first attempt didn’t last long as I’m used to mouth breathing when running.  It got easier during the next few attempts.  Towards the end of my session I could nose breathe without concentrating on doing so.

I still feel a bit tired from my exertions earlier in the week.  Hoping this will improve as I get used to all this new activity level.  I think the rest of the day will be spent racking off some homemade wine (transferring from one demijohn to another, leaving the sediment behind), doing some washing, and having a little tidy up.

Next week hubby and son are away for a few days, meaning I can have a decent tidy up and no-one will mess it up with their “I’ll do it later” attitude.  Bliss!

First PT session

And it was a lot of fun.  Tiring?  Definitely.  Do I know I’ve been?  Absolutely.  I’ve been doing lots of stretches to work on hip and upper leg strength – and some have a positive knock-on effect on the back – and a few that work on shoulder and arm flexibility.  When I lie on my back on the floor and put my arms straight back behind my head they don’t touch the floor.

Not only is my PT a whizz with fitness training, he used to work as a bicycle technician.  He’s offered to help me get my bike set up (haven’t used it in a year or five) and show me how to do things like put the chain back on and fix punctures.  Y’see, when you do duathlons (triathlons without the swimming) and you have a mechanical hiccup you need to fix them yourself.  No getting help from anyone.  So I need to learn.

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day.  But that doesn’t mean I shall be sat on the couch, watching the world go by.  Got to go to the library, fill the larder, do some general housework, that sort of thing.  Just not doing anything ‘properly’ exercise-y.