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Well that didn’t last long, did it?!  10 days into returning to running and POW!

Thursday’s efforts have twanged my ITB/vastus lateralis.  Two days of rest and ice (and hot tub) and the aching went away.  This morning’s gentle stroll with hubster have brought it back – so no running allowed.  Might have to go for a swim tomorrow.


weigh in and swimming

1.5lb on this week.  I’m still 1lb below target so shouldn’t feel bad about it, but I do.  It’s still not easy to see weight going on and it being ok.  I’ll get there.

On to swimming.  The half hour lesson went so fast.  I am getting much better about having my face in the water.  My front crawl is getting stronger.  At then end we got to jump in.  The instructor said it was best to take goggles off.  Well, sorry, but there’s no way my head is going under water without my goggles on.  So I straddle jumped.  After the lesson finished some of us headed into the open lanes (where the public get to play when part of the pool is segregated for lessons/classes) and I did another 4.5 lengths – ran out of oomph on that last one.  Now trying hard NOT to fall asleep.

Tomorrow is personal trainer day.  Early night tonight.

Weigh in – Award time again

Yes!!  That’s my two and a half stone loss award bagged.  I am half a pound inside my lower range limit.  It feels so wrong to be TRYING to put weight on (only a couple of pounds or so) when I have spent so long getting it off.  I’d really like to get down into the upper 10 stones as, although everyone says I look great as I am, I still feel a bit on the chunky side.  For now I think I’m going to see what all this exercise does; I’m hoping it’ll tone up the saggy bits.

After last week’s demotion to the easier class at swimming (thank goodness), this week’s class was so much easier.  I am less exhausted (so far), although the arm with the partially torn muscle (in June) aches plenty.  On a more positive note the swimming seems to have eased the (?) sciatic-y ache in my lower back/buttock.  AND I managed to do more breathing out underwater.  Still managed to swallow some, though.

The morning after

I ache!!!!  Thank goodness it’s a rest day.

Updated to add:  Rest day? Pah!  Lifting daughter’s mobility scooter into and out of the car (twice); shopping; making apple crumble by hand from scratch; laundry including the ironing.  Not much taking it easy there, eh?  As of this moment I am trying to summon up the energy to make turkey mince chilli burgers, though the hot tub might get a visit first.  It’ll be a VERY early night tonight – am exhausted.

Oh my!

Otherwise known as biting off more than I can chew.

I had my first swimming lesson this lunch time.  I can swim, albeit slowly and not too many lengths.  These lessons are to improve my techniques in all strokes, including breathing out underwater – all things I used to be OK with.

Yeah, well, that was 30 years ago.  Let’s just say that I have forgotten most of it and lost my confidence on the breathing thing.  So, I have been demoted to an easier group for next week.  Once I’ve got it all together again I shall get back into this first group.

I realised I was in trouble when the warm-up was 6 lengths!  As I haven’t been to a pool in a long time 6 lengths would be about my limit.  Oh heck!!!!!  Fortunately the instructor is a very nice lady – she teaches the other group too – and let me take it a lot easier than those more competent.  All in all, I managed 10 lengths.  I was just getting to grips with stringing together some underwater breathing when a ripple hit my mouth as I breathed in.  Yeah, not good.  Good job I was in the shallow end.

So next week will be easier.  They only swim half-lengths.  I should be able to keep up.

Tomorrow is personal trainer time.  Eek!!!

Weigh in – so close

I really thought I’d cracked the two and a half stone loss mark this morning, not that I am officially still losing weight or anything ;-).  Instead I fell a pound short.  Hopefully I will do it next week.  I’ll have to be careful though, because if lose much more than that I shall have fallen out the bottom of my range.

I went for my assessment at the personal trainer this morning.  It seems that I am not in need of any rehabilitation but am definitely in need of strentghening and balancing.  I have a couple of things to do for homework, before going back next week to really get stuck in.  He reckons I could run the Great South Run next year!!!  I still think that’ll be pushing it but am game to try.

Also, I have booked myself in for some swimming lessons this term.  I can swim, mainly breast-stroke, but haven’t been for years.  The lessons will teach me front crawl (and a crawl is exactly what it WILL be for the first few sessions), and I may be brave enough to learn to tumble turn.  Swimming lessons aren’t just for children and aren’t just to teach you to swim.  If I can get my crawl technique sorted then I’ll no longer crick my neck and shoulders doing breast-stroke.

I’m planning on going for a run tomorrow morning.