Happy bunny

After crocking my calf a couple of weeks ago and then needing to be chief taxi-driver, etc, for the in-laws during their visit I haven’t done a lot of pavement pounding.  I’ve discovered it’s hard to concentrate on running when you’re wound up – though maybe I just ran a bit too soon after eating breakfast.  Either way, my attempt last week left me feeling queasy and cheesed off.  The in-laws are now back home – I took a day out in between driving them up there and coming back here to visit family.  So, today I got my kit on and got back on to the structured run plan.

WOW!!!  It’s amazing what a few days off can do.  I had to come up with a new, longer ending to my simplest route (thought this one would be best after a lay off) as I still had 2 more cycles to complete when I came to my usual ending point.  In fairness, I haven’t done this route as a structured run for quite a while so the improvement in my speed was unexpected.  The very last run phase was uphill – AND I DID IT!!!!  Yes it was hard and yes my legs were telling me off but I dug in and finished the phase.

Feeling very smug and satisfied.  (And I’ve set this month’s run/walk goal).

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