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A day late

I’ve been away to my parents for the Bank Holiday weekend.  They live somewhere that has more hills than round here, hills that are either steeper or longer or both.  So, it took me a little while to plot out a route long enough (2 – 2.5 miles) that didn’t involve climbing gear (I jest, a little).

After that feat of logistics I got togged up yesterday morning to see how it would go in real life.  Not too bad.  Anything too big for me, being a relative newbie, I walked up/down.  Everything else I gave a go.  2.45 miles in 33:32.  Not bad considering.

Then an hour later, because I am a lunatic at heart, I went on a 3.5 mile walk with hubby.

I slept well last night.  Can’t think why.  😉

Personal trainer time

Did some rehab work on my knee, as well as some other stuff.  Even though I didn’t work up a good sweat I can feel it now – which means that I was very sensible NOT to go straight out for a run like I was considering on the drive home.

Yeah, I am that daft.  Fortunately common sense prevailed.


Well that didn’t last long, did it?!  10 days into returning to running and POW!

Thursday’s efforts have twanged my ITB/vastus lateralis.  Two days of rest and ice (and hot tub) and the aching went away.  This morning’s gentle stroll with hubster have brought it back – so no running allowed.  Might have to go for a swim tomorrow.


Add one

One extra run/walk session – my 10% increase for the next week.  Thus taking my session to 32 mins 30 seconds.  Slowly does it.

I didn’t wake up this morning thinking “ooh, let’s go for a run”.  It was supposed to rain today and I haven’t yet grown to like getting wet like that.  Anyway, it was overcast with the chance of showers here and there.  So I took a late decision and got on with it – aided and abetted by a good look at tomorrow’s diary and wondering where the time for a run would come from.

Note to self though:  Please stop having uphill run sessions at phase 7 and 12.  I bet if I set out to have uphills then it wouldn’t happen.

Probably best not to …

… finish your run/walk session this morning with an UPHILL!  Note to self – plan ahead.

In fact, there were 2 uphill run sessions in this morning’s effort.  I suppose I need to get on with them – can’t avoid them forever.

I was out the door for just after 8am, not bad after a second night of little sleep.  The first couple of runs were draggy but after that I got into my stride.  Really thought I’d gone further than last time, but not quite.  Gonna blame the hills  😉

The new t-shirt is just the job.  Loose enough not to constrict but not so loose as to cause chafing.

That felt good

The aches and pains of the past couple of days were gone so by 8.30 this morning I was all kitted up and out the door.  I chose a flat route, a mere 16 feet of elevation change according to mapmyfitness, and an easy run 1 minute/walk 1 minute 30 (12 times for a total of 30 minutes.  I managed to cover 2.26 miles.  I then spent another 25+ minutes on my post-run stretches, so hopefully the aches won’t come back to haunt me.

There’s been a downside to all this fitness stuff (strictly first world problem lol).  My beloved “run addict” t-shirts, which used to be snug, are now impossible to get on.  I leave to your imagination the fun and games involved trying to get one off again (if you do manage to get it on) after a good run session!  So off to Absolute Running I go this morning.

All this exercising has changed my posture.  I now stand tall with my shoulders back instead of stooped and round shouldered.  When running I stride out more instead of shuffling along.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get water out of the little bottles on my water belt.  I pulled up the valve-thing and sucked like a baby, barely getting a drop.  In the end I took the lid off, during walk phases, and got my fill that way.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good – I got up early and went for a run.  And once I sorted out the technology it was good.

The bad – The above mentioned technology issue.  My phone won’t let me be logged into my fitness website AND run my interval timer app.  Plus, said interval timer app is SOOOOO sensitive to me putting my phone back in its pocket that it pauses itself.  Once my techno expert returns from foreign parts I’ll be picking his brains.

Edited to add – Just found out I can add my efforts manually on the website so I don’t need to be on two apps at once.  Happy days!

The ugly – Have you seen me run?!  You definitely wouldn’t call it pretty.

(The new shoes were fine).

It’s Tuesday so it must be strength training

I finally have enough arm strength to start heading towards press ups.  I can hold myself up for about 5 seconds.   That’s a big improvement on 8 months ago when I’d last a second at the most.  The actual moving up and down is still a no-go, not if I don’t want to rearrange my nose.  It will come.

I’m also in pre weight lifting mode.  I can do the squats down, set my shoulders in the right position,  and have my hands wrapped around an imaginary bar.  This one will have to advance slowly due to my iffy arm and shoulder.  I refuse to go back to how it was 2 months ago when I could barely get my arm above horizontal.

During the coming week I will continue to practise these movements at home – after my warm up stretches.

Long time, no see

Hello blogosphere!!!!  Is there anyone still reading?

After my long hiatus I’ve decided to resurrect the blog.  I am (once again, hopefully for the last time) getting the running shoes on and setting up my training schedule.  The past year hasn’t been wasted though.  I have been swimming, and having an hour’s personal trainer sessions each week with the wonderfully knowledgeable Neil.  Now I am fitter (mostly) and have better muscle strength (again, mostly), so the injuries should be less likely.  The only long-term niggle is a problem with my left shoulder and arm.  I’m working hard to prevent a frozen shoulder.

My weight has stayed off.  Yes, it has fluctuated but after chucking out all my old wardrobe and buying in a new one that weight is going to stay off.

Last year I made myself a dare.  By the time I’m 50, and including the year I turn 50, I want to have run at least 75% of the Great South Run.  This is a 10 mile race (which is getting more and more expensive, so sooner will be better than later).  Earlier this year, Neil decided I could be ready for it next year.  So, here we go.

I’ll be posting on here about my training sessions, the shorter races I do before then, my dietary habits as I learn to fuel for middle to long distance running.  It is my intention to have done a marathon by the time I am 52.  If I get the chance I’d love to do London, New York and Boston by the time I’m 57.

So that’s the next 10 years planned.  Join me?