Don’t it feel good

I pulled on my running shoes for the first time since tweaking my MCL back at the end of May.  Not wanting to go back on the injured list I opted to go back to 30 second run/2 min walk with 6 repeats.  I really expected to be out of breath and all sweaty before finishing, so was pleasantly surprised when I wasn’t – I got warm but no rivers of sweat running everywhere.

I also felt a slight niggle just above the pelvis on the right hand side – between the spine and the hip bone.  This niggle and I are old friends.  It sometimes sets off my sciatic nerve and piriformis ache.  Just another nudge towards going to see a personal trainer for some core strengthening work.

Afterwards my right thigh was tight, as usual.  I don’t know what it is with this muscle but it’s always tighter than the left (and it was the left MCL that went).

It was good to be out there again.  All those feel good endorphins are whizzing round my system.

This month’s goal is to do 10 miles.

Your thoughts

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