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Belated Tidings

Some kind soul ordered me a large helping of catarrh, sinus pain and sore throat for the festivities.  At weigh-in on Christmas Eve I’d managed to lose 1 paltry pound.  My own fault as the previous evening we had pizza from the takeaway and my Syns went into orbit.  Ah well.

Christmas Day also saw an “I’m not counting” approach to Syns – come on, I’m due a day off here and there   ;-).  By Thursday I was back with the programme.

So, a belated Merry Christmas to my dear reader(s), and an early Happy New Year!

More derailments

The week started off well but by Thursday the Syn counting got a bit out of hand.  So out of hand that yesterday’s was 43.5!  I’m supposed to have 15 per day.  We were invited up to the local for dinner by some friends.  We needed it as we’d spent the afternoon emptying the final bits out of FIL’s flat and cleaning up.  Both of us were done in, physically and emotionally.

I set out, today, to be very good but I’m already up to 16.  Ah well, dinner will be syn free.

Tomorrow is a new day, starting a new week.