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I did it!

I finally plucked up the courage to drag out my running shoes, put them on (as well as all the rest of my gear) and do a few joggy bits on my nearly 3 mile walk this morning.  It felt good.  Unlike previous attempts to turn myself into a jogger/runner, this time I didn’t give two hoots what others might think of my very short jog stints.  This time I’m all “at least I’m making the effort, Mr Lardarse in your white van who thinks that McD is haute cuisine” – not that I had anyone laugh, toot their horn, or make an adverse comment (this time, but I’m ready for them).  Now I need to get some proper running t-shirts, ones that will wick the sweat away from my skin and don’t have any annoying seams to rub my skin raw as the mileage increases.

I used yesterday as a recovery day from the previous two days bursts of activities.  Trying to do too much too soon has been my downfall before so this time I’m taking it slowly and gently.  It’ll take me ages to achieve my long-term goals – running the 10 mile Great South Run and maybe a half-marathon (or a full one) – but I WILL get there eventually.

If you’d have told me 3 months ago that I would be enjoying exercise AND looking forward to the next session I’d have laughed in your face.  Funny how things change, isn’t it?  😉

Some woo hoo and some ooh heck!

First the woo hoo.

As I said yesterday, hubby and I went into Southampton today.  I needed a new belt, deciding to pass on the smart tops as I have no smart-casual dress occasions in my diary for the next few weeks.  We went for a mooch round BHS where I found some bright red jeans, just like the ones in my local Peacocks.  I grabbed a pair of jeggings (‘cos I like them) and a pair of skinny fit, both in a 16 – just to see how much was left to shrink my blancmange belly.  Guess what, folks?  They fit!!!!  I could get them up and fastened, and there was just enough give that I could sit down.  Not sure they’d cope with a massive pig-out meal yet.  Gawds!  I was like Tigger on speed!  Poor hubby  😉

Then I needed some new bras, with advance warning to any fellas reading this – I’m be quite frank about topics like this, any embarrassment is yours not mine.  Plus I broke a clip on my favourite sports bra.  Believe me, if you’re bouncing round you need something to hold your girls in place so they don’t damage you or anyone else.  Just imagine the pain if you strained one (or both).  So, it turns out I’ve dropped down a band size and down TWO cup sizes.  Awesome!

Now for the ooh heck.

Some time ago I mentioned that I would (re-) start my jogging.  Well, this coming week is the week to break these feet out of first gear.  Ulp!!!  I have a nasty habit of doing too much too soon with disastrous consequences – unless you are my soft tissue masseuse or osteopath, then you’re in clover.  So, watch this space for news of my attempt to eventually manage a mile (and more) without stopping.  I’ll be doing mostly walking with a bit of jogging thrown in but my aim is to slowly switch those round.

Weigh-in tomorrow.  I’m not confident of losing that 2.5lbs remaining of the first stone to go bye-bye.  A loss of some sort will be fine.  Then again, my inner Tigger is still there so I might be able to cope with a gain.  Or then again, maybe not.  Writing that made me cringe.  Check back tomorrow to find out whether I’m Tigger or Eyeore.

Wardrobe massacre

I got stuck into my wardrobe this morning, dragging everything out of it and grading according to still fits/don’t fit but still good quality/rag bag/what was I thinking when I bought that.  I’m taking the black bag of still wearables (but not by me) to SW on Monday so any of the ladies who has slimmed to size 18 can help themselves.  All that is left will be taken to the charity shop.

This left me with an awful lot of hanging space so I moved my jeans in, from their shelf in another part of the wardrobe where they usually live all folded up.  I haven’t chucked out any size 18 trousers yet – can’t seem to squeeze myself into a 16 YET.

My beloved bright red jacket has to go, too.  It is way too big and my dear daughter said it now made me have a man’s shoulders – lovely child.

I now have to get myself some new smart casual tops and a couple of jackets.  Hubby and I are heading into Southampton tomorrow.  I feel a clothes shopping trip coming on.


I’ve got to raid my wardrobe for a smaller belt!  The one I’m using is on the last (or is that first) hole.  I have a pair of size 16 jeans that I can get up but haven’t a hope in fastening.  Won’t be long though.

Plus, yesterday I bought myself a new fleece ready for next winter.  I have enough that bury fit me now.  Can you imagine how buzzed I was when I realised that for the fleece to be not quite big enough now (but will be for October) I had to buy a SIZE 12!!!!  I can’t remember the last time I needed that size on top.  O!M!G!  I could zip up the 14 comfortably, if a little snug. But a 12!?!?!?!?!  I’d never have thought that’d be possible.

So this weekend’s big job (after making a start on the study) is to empty my wardrobe, have a good sort out of what I can get in now, will get in later this year, will never wear again, and ‘what the heck was I thinking when I bought that’, and see what I need to buy to spruce it up a bit.

Slimming World rocks!

Back in the driving seat

OK.  Enough of yesterday’s (self) pity party.  Today is a new day.  It’s also the second sunny day in three.  A good dose of sunshine always perks me up at this time of year.

Last night’s home made pizza doesn’t seem to have had too negative an impact on my waistline.  I also had a glass of wine.  Why?  Just because I felt like it.  I really felt the urge to get on with some housework this morning, first time since Christmas.  So the bathroom is cleaned, the downstairs loo is nearly finished, the kettle is de-scaled, the third load of washing is doing, and the ironing is pencilled in for later.  Right now I’m taking time out ‘cos my thighs are telling me off – all that squatting to standing whilst cleaning.  Plus the cricket’s on. 😉

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that on Sunday I had to dig a belt out of the wardrobe.  My jeans were getting a bit too gappy round the waist for public decency.

Last night my daughter suggested that, as I needed a belt, maybe I’d replace some fat with muscle.  Muscle is more compact and denser, thus you are thinner but your weight doesn’t show it.  So I’m using this as my excuse for maintaining.

As I haven’t been to the greengrocers this morning there’s no fresh veg for soup making so I’m ‘making do’ with a chicken salad for lunch.  It’s a bit late now to bung a jacket in the oven (yes I know I can do them in the microwave but they’re so much more tasty out the oven).


As today was going to be a day highly likely to bring on a sweat I grabbed a t-shirt that was comfortable – not tight but not flapping in the breeze either.  Well, that was the plan.  I put it on and looked in the mirror.  It looked like I’d borrowed something that would fit the Incredible Hulk!  Whilst this is good news (losing inches as well as pounds), the bad news is that it is irreplaceable – a Bon Jovi tour t-shirt from some years ago.

Gosh!!  I must have lost some inches.