Something a bit different

No weigh in this week, had sore throat and catarrh over the weekend so cancelled all my usual activities.

Fortunately the germs are taking the hint, though hubby is none too impressed that he has them.  So, as I’d cancelled my PT session yet woke up this morning wanting to DO something, I dragged my bike out the garage and dug out my nappy shorts.  For those of you who don’t cycle – or you just want to know what the heck are they are – nappy shorts (my own term for them) are shorts that are tight and clingy BUT with a giant piece of wadding to protect your undercarriage from those all too rough interactions with the saddle.  The wadding is shaped like a giant sanitary towel – a not very discreet one either.  I must admit it brought back flashbacks to my pre-hysterectomy days (bet the menfolk readers are all running for the hills now,  hee hee hee).

It was a lovely ride, mostly tarmac with a small unpaved section.  There were a few hills and I got up them really easily.  OK so they were short and not that steep, but c’mon they were hills!  I knocked off 5.93 miles in 46 minutes.

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