Oh my!

Otherwise known as biting off more than I can chew.

I had my first swimming lesson this lunch time.  I can swim, albeit slowly and not too many lengths.  These lessons are to improve my techniques in all strokes, including breathing out underwater – all things I used to be OK with.

Yeah, well, that was 30 years ago.  Let’s just say that I have forgotten most of it and lost my confidence on the breathing thing.  So, I have been demoted to an easier group for next week.  Once I’ve got it all together again I shall get back into this first group.

I realised I was in trouble when the warm-up was 6 lengths!  As I haven’t been to a pool in a long time 6 lengths would be about my limit.  Oh heck!!!!!  Fortunately the instructor is a very nice lady – she teaches the other group too – and let me take it a lot easier than those more competent.  All in all, I managed 10 lengths.  I was just getting to grips with stringing together some underwater breathing when a ripple hit my mouth as I breathed in.  Yeah, not good.  Good job I was in the shallow end.

So next week will be easier.  They only swim half-lengths.  I should be able to keep up.

Tomorrow is personal trainer time.  Eek!!!

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