Weigh in – so close

I really thought I’d cracked the two and a half stone loss mark this morning, not that I am officially still losing weight or anything ;-).  Instead I fell a pound short.  Hopefully I will do it next week.  I’ll have to be careful though, because if lose much more than that I shall have fallen out the bottom of my range.

I went for my assessment at the personal trainer this morning.  It seems that I am not in need of any rehabilitation but am definitely in need of strentghening and balancing.  I have a couple of things to do for homework, before going back next week to really get stuck in.  He reckons I could run the Great South Run next year!!!  I still think that’ll be pushing it but am game to try.

Also, I have booked myself in for some swimming lessons this term.  I can swim, mainly breast-stroke, but haven’t been for years.  The lessons will teach me front crawl (and a crawl is exactly what it WILL be for the first few sessions), and I may be brave enough to learn to tumble turn.  Swimming lessons aren’t just for children and aren’t just to teach you to swim.  If I can get my crawl technique sorted then I’ll no longer crick my neck and shoulders doing breast-stroke.

I’m planning on going for a run tomorrow morning.

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