Taken the plunge

On Friday I finally summoned up the courage to contact a personal trainer, someone to help me set up some strength training and an overall fitness programme to complement the running.  I go and see him tomorrow.

I’ve also been watching some triathlon events on TV and found I fancied the idea, almost.  You see, I’m not a fan of fish in the flesh.  You won’t get me walking round the aquarium section of the pet shop – yet I can happily walk round the aquaria tourist attractions.  Go figure!  So the thought of donning a wet suit and swimming in open water (with the fishies!) was more than I could bring myself to do.

So imagine how happy I was when I discovered there IS such a thing as a duathlon.  These consist of run – bike – run.  Sounds like something I could work up to.  Plus, some of them are team events.  Hubby’s running days are probably over but he does like his bike.  So we could form a 2 person team.  I’d do the running and he could do the riding.

I’m also planning to hit the pool (no fishies in there, lol), hopefully sometime between 7 and 9am for their ‘proper’ swim sessions.  It’s a great non-weight-bearing exercise that works the muscles not worked by running/cycling.

I’ve really got the exercise bit between my teeth.

Your thoughts

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