Just when I thought I could relax

Kind of a ‘life’ post, rather than a getting fit/losing weight post.

After hubby’s surgery at the beginning of the month and the two week recovery, I figured that by now I could look forward to a peaceful rest of the summer.  Yeah, well the fates (or whatever deity rocks your world) decided that my stress levels hadn’t been high enough for long enough and that I needed to return to the insane levels (usually self-inflicted by taking everything too seriously) of 18 months ago.

The in-laws have sold their house up north and are looking to move down here to the South coast.  I’ve spent the past week raiding estate agents in the chosen location, viewing a couple to get an idea if they’re the sort of thing being looked for and then booking in viewings for the latter part of next week – we’re currently at 8 in a day and half.  Before the viewings I have to drive up north and fetch the in-laws (overnight stay at my parents), then the following week I get to do it all again to take them back home.  After that, assuming they find the right place, there’ll be all the usual stress involved with moving house/moving elderly relatives 200 miles out of their comfort zone – the move was their choice.

On top of this an old family friend (of my parents more than me, but still) has terminal stomach cancer.  A couple of weeks ago he was told 6 – 9 months without chemo, or some undertermined time with it.  Well he was taken into hospital this week to be drip fed as he couldn’t eat or drink.  This after his first chemo session.  So I’m thinking that a) it’s just a reaction to the chemo, b) it’s a mental thing as eating very little has caused him indigestion and some pain for a while now and he’s become scared to do so, or c) the cancer has spread/grown and he is in the end stages so quickly.

Combine this with the impending in law move and I am stressed to the extreme.  Today has seen me with my first migraine in some years.  I’m trying to decide whether it’s all of the above or the impending storms.  We’ve got plenty of black clouds but nothing else.

(Manically singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”).

If you have read this far, I thank you.  I didn’t start this blog to post on life in general; just needed to get it off my chest.

Your thoughts

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