A little R & R

No weigh in this week as hubby and I have taken off for a week’s peace and quiet.  We’re visiting family and going out on day trips – the aim of which is to walk off all the syn-ful food I’m eating.

Hubby has surgery next week to try and fix his snoring.  He did offer to get me a course of hypnotherapy so I could sleep through it but I told him that I’d have to be dead to stand a chance, plus even then the racket would probably resurrect me.  So under the surgeon’s laser it is.

Weight loss will be a hit or miss affair for the next couple of weeks.  Hubby will be in a fair amount of pain afterwards and I am likely to feel stressed (and guilty) about it all.  Hopefully I can reach for the grapes rather than the chocolate.

2 thoughts on “A little R & R

    1. anayarivenwood Post author

      It did, more or less, till my knee threw a fit again on Thursday. I’m hoping it’s a warning shot and not all out warfare again. I really DON’T need another couple of weeks taking it easy.


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