Weigh in

You’d think, with losing a pound this past week, I’d be happy.  Well I’m NOT!!!!!  Why?  Because I’d set myself the target of 2lbs off, but would have settled for 1.5lbs off as this would have gotten me my 2 stone off award.  So, I’m sulking.

And because I don’t always learn easily I have set myself the target of 5lbs off in two weeks.  Think I must have masochistic tendencies.

2 thoughts on “Weigh in

  1. The Two Fat Ladies Getting Slim....

    Hey hey there don’t be so hard on yourself… look at this way… would you rather have put the weight on…. why not get something of the weight that you lost and double it and carry that around for the rest of the week and then see how happy you will be!!

    I really think we beat ourselves up to much and after all … it didn’t take a week to put on the weight did it… so we can’t expect it to come off in that can we… would be great though wouldn’t it.

    So stop that sulking woman… and think.. Hey… I lost this week… and I am flipping fantastic!

    Things could be worse… I have just had to make my OH a bacon sandwich which I love crispy bacon but I am having mixed berries and 0% FF instead… but think how much better I will be…. an he also had two packet of crisps and a bakewell tart… why isn’t he fat! Now that is something to sulk about haha!!

    Keep smiling you can do it! 🙂 x


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