If you’re doing Slimming World …

… I can heartily recommend the Little Book of Lunches.  I’ve been working through some of the recipes this week, making larger portions where necessary for dinner too.

Today I made crustless red onion and courgette quiche.  I’m going to ‘fess up now and say that I have some sensory issues and little slivers of food that stick to you (or feel slimy/damp) really make me want to run away.  As you’ll see if you click the link, this recipe calls for you to grate the raw courgette, then place it in a sieve and press it down to get rid of as much of its moisture as possible.  EEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I did it though.  Fortunately it turned out delicious.  I might approach the grating a different way next time.

Then for dinner tonight we had the special fried rice and pork.  The senior chef (hubby) got the fun job of dicing the pork while I did the more pleasant task of thinly slicing the spring onions.  Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Both of these meals are FREE – no syns (on Extra Easy)!  As my breakfast is als syn-free I am now sitting here typing this and ‘inhaling’ several syns worth of chocolate.  S’a good day.

7 thoughts on “If you’re doing Slimming World …

  1. Thetwofatladiesgettingslim

    Have to say I have some of their books but now that they are concentrating in ee I am disappointed and don’t get them as I myself don’t follow it and they don’t always calculate range and g days shame. Guess you get used to converting a recipes lol

  2. Anne

    Glad you liked the quiche and thanks the link for the recipe. I definitely will not grate and squeeze the courgette next time – rather slice thinly and fry (in FryLight of course) which will have the same effect of reducing liquid. x

  3. Anne

    Glad you enjoyed the quiche and thanks for the link to the recipe. I am going to thinly slice and fry (in FryLight of course) the courgettes to get rid of the juices next time.


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