Quick update

The knee has finally decided to start behaving – phew!

Right up till Friday I was wondering when it would be fit to go for a walk, stand and iron, get out in the garden, or just let me potter round doing little jobs for more than 5 minutes at a time.

On Saturday I woke up feeling ready to try any one of these but it was England v Australia in the ICC Trophy – can’t miss mauling the Aussies!

This morning I was champing at the bit so a walk round town was on the menu.  My parents, who arrived for a visit on Wednesday, left early to go home – thanks to them my top border is weed-free and ready for planting, the halogen lights under the kitchen cabinets are all fitted, and my lavendar is planted in the end towers of a garden wall.  I should add that hubby has back issues and has been suffering for the past few weeks (after spending an hour or so trying to do some of these types of jobs).  Hubby and I headed into town and I am now the proud owner of a really nice jacket!  (So far, the knee is quite happy and not being obnoxious).

All this weight loss is making what were once comfortable clothes look a bit baggy and ‘wrong’.  So I’m slowly but surely changing my wardrobe.  There’ll be less clothes but what makes it in there will be good quality.  Lots of separates to mix and match.  Classic lines that don’t go out of fashion.

Also called at a garden centre to start planting perennials in my newly prepared border.  I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat.  If the knee is happy I shall start going on walks this week.

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