Clever hubby

It’s not often I mention family and friends on here – it’s not that sort of blog – unless it’s related to losing weight/getting fit.  And even then, I keep names out of it.  But I must give much kudos to my wonderfuly hubster for finding me an app for my phone that will be invaluable over the next few weeks.  It’s like a stopwatch but you can program it to beep at different intervals.  I have it set to display “Run”, count down for 45 seconds and then beep; then display “Walk, count down for 2mins 15 and then beep; then repeat that for a total of 30 minutes (3 minutes for each circuit of intervals).  I could have added more intervals with different time lengths.  A couple of months ago he also set me up with a mapmyfitness app so that I could log distance/time.  (Don’t think I can use both apps at the same time).

Three out of the four inhabitants here are techno-whizzes.  One of us is a techno-numpty.  I’ll leave it to you to work out who the numpty is.

Edited to add:  I just need to work out how to, if it does do so, make it beep when it changes between “run” and “walk” AND make the beep loud enough to hear when traffic is about.

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