What a week!  From one extreme to the other.  From Monday’s weigh in to Thursday night I was doing fine.  The scales showed I’d dropped 1 – 1.5lbs.  Yay me!  Friday morning I woke up feeling peckish.  I cooked my breakfast (all in the oven) and sat down to eat.  After 3 mouthfuls I felt absolutely stuffed.  However, I forced myself to finish it all – gotta put fuel in the engine.  Lunchtime saw the same thing; stuffed after a few mouthfuls.  Really?!?!?!?!  Then the afternoon arrived.

I spent most of the afternoon grazing and munching – on good stuff.  Friday evening is usually takeaway night here and I was going to be so good – as good as you can be with these things – but my willpower had gone into hiding and I ended up scoffing half a 12″ meaty pizza (thick crust, lotsa meats and a bbq sauce) in no time at all.  And still felt hungry.  (When am I going to learn that, these days, I need the veg stuff to keep the hunger at bay – not that it worked that well earlier in the day).  So I figured I was in serious refuelling mode after my very active week.

Saturday morning came and the scales bitch-slapped me.  4lbs on!!!!!!!  OMG!  That really hit me hard.  I’ve been beating myself up about it ever since.  Saturday’s hunger patterns followed the same path as Friday, except that I made myself a lovey syn-free dinner.

Today I have eaten better at the main meal times but not needed to snack (on fat-free yogurt) to keep the hunger pangs at bay.  What the heck is going on here?

Tomorrow’s weigh in should be interesting.

Your thoughts

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