The silver lining to the last run’s cloud

I did the same route today as in the last post.  Today was windy with some spots of rain in it – not enough to soak the ground after 10 minutes but enough to make spot marks on your glasses.  I did it 90 seconds faster!!  Go me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also did it earlier in the day, about an hour after breakfast, so maybe that’s why.  Or maybe I am improving.  I didn’t fancy going out in those conditions (being a pussy cat when it comes to getting wet) but the Great South Run happens at the end of October and the final couple of miles are into the cold wind (which often has wet bits in it) so gotta get used to it.

Some say that “runners high” is a myth.  I’m not sure.  I certainly feel good while I’m out, and that settles into a smugly satisfied “I did it” for the next couple of hours after I get back.  Plus, I’m mellower for the rest of the day.

Your thoughts

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