How I’ve changed

I thought I’d give you a before and after of how my eating habits have changed.


Breakfast – 2 slices of toast with butter.

Lunch – 2 slices of bread with butter and ketchup.  Packet of plain crisps.

Dinner – Meat, sauce, chips (most nights), maybe baked beans or mushrooms.  Large glass of wine.

Snacks if required – biscuit, chocolate

The bread was granary.


Breakfast – at least 3 of the following: 2 chipolata sausages, bacon, eggs (baked in the oven or poached), baked beans, mushrooms, toast (my Healthy B choice).  All baked in the oven with no fat.

Lunch – either salad with cooked meat and cheese (Healthy A choice); or pasta, passata, beans of some kind if not had at breakfast, cooked veg, chicken and cheese (A choice); or home-made vegetable soup made from whatever veg I have in, a chicken stock cube, and seasonings.

Dinner – meat, veg, sauce made with either some of the soup from lunch OR passata, jacket potato/rice/potato wedges, spices and seasonings.  Sometimes a small glass of wine.

Snacks if required – 0% fat natural yoghurt or muller-light yoghurts, a handful of grapes (rarely as I’m not a big fruit fan).  The occasional piece of chocolate but not if I’ve had wine.

So, there’s quite a difference in quality and quantity.  I couldn’t believe how much I was supposed to eat on Slimming World’s plan but it works.  It must do, I’ve lost very nearly a stone.  I don’t feel restricted or that anything is banned.

Another big change is when we go out to eat.  I find myself scanning the menu and seeing how synful the meals are.  OK, there are times when I think “stuff it, I really fancy ….”, but I mostly can’t bring myself to eat something that’s too far off the plan.  If I do succumb to temptation there’s a little voice in my head reminding me that I’ll have to be very good tomorrow to make up for it.  Who’d have thought that the guilt-trip would already be so entrenched.

Your thoughts

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