A considered response

Last week a friend asked me if I could earn more Syns by being more active.  I said that wasn’t the case.  She thought it would be an incentive to move more.  I needed some time to consider her point.  Here are my thoughts on it.  Feel free to make yours in the comments section.

Friend told me that you get more points on WW if you are more active.  I’m not sure how WW works so I can’t comment on this.  However, her asking if more Syns would be available made me think how that would work.  I mean, yes who wouldn’t like to be able to have more syn-ful food in exchange for an hour’s walking/aerobics/insert activity of your choice.  BUT, and in my mind it is a big BUT (though not as big as mine, hahahaha), are you then setting up an association of food as a reward – food/treats that aren’t doing us much good nutritionally in the first place (and probably got us into the state where we needed SW to help undo it all).

I wonder how many of us have done some activity and then joined friends at the coffee shop for a hot drink and a muffin.  Or called in to get a bar of chocolate to snack on on the way home again.  I know I have, justifying it as having earned it after all the calories I’d just burned.  If you really want to scare yourself have a look how many calories are in the muffin/bar of chocolate.  Then, using a search of the internet, try and find roughly how many calories you burned doing your activity.  I’ll bet there’s a big difference THE WRONG WAY!!!!!  You will, just about every time, have put back WAY MORE calories than you expended, meaning that you are in a worse place calorie-wise than if you’d stayed home and not bothered in the first place.  Shocked??  So was I when I finally did the maths.

I once set up a treadmill to log the calories used rather than the distance travelled.  I couldn’t believe how much effort went into shifting 200 calories.  There are 116 calories in a 48g bar of Galaxy Caramel, or 11.5 syns  A certain coffee chain’s double chocolate muffin is 405 calories, so you can imagine the syn count!

So, I’ve decided I don’t want any more syns to be given to me for getting off my lardy behind and doing something useful and healthy; I’ll take the extra lost pounds on the scales instead.  Syns are there to warn us that a food isn’t that beneficial nutritionally.

If anyone can explain how WW and points work leave me a message in the comments section.  I’d be interested to know.  Also, if you want to add your thoughts to this send me a comment.


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