Fingers crossed

I’ll be happy with maintaining my weight tomorrow.  It’s been an interesting week, foodwise.  Plenty of slipping into bad habits.  In my defence an American friend was staying with us so we did a lot of going out, joined by another local friend.

Last Monday I really fancied home made pizza for tea so that is what we had.  Not much in the way of Superfree at all, although I did make veggie soup for lunch.

Tuesday was spent cleaning and tidying the master bedroom and en-suite for friend to use.  I was on the sofa-bed for the duration.  That killed my thigh muscles, making walking up and down stairs fun for a day or two,

Wednesday was spent picking up friend from Heathrow.  So glad he wasn’t arriving on Friday.  Breakfast was good, lunch was nearly good (except for the mayo on my chicken salad – premade service station food), dinner was Indian takeaway so really not very good (chicken tikka massala, rice and poppadom).

Thursday we went to Queen Elizabeth Country Park for a good walk round before the impending arrival of snow.  It was good fun.  I walked up Butser Hill for the first time ever and only needed 3 rest breaks on the way up.  Once up there it started to snow very lightly, as in you had to look hard to see it.  After we got back down we headed for the cafe and I very naughtily had hot chocolate with cream AND marshmallows but balanced it with a jacket potato with cheese and beans.  (Yeah I know, not really that balanced).

Friday it snowed so we didn’t bother going out.  Instead I made a big pan of veggie soup for lunch and cajun beef with rice, tortilla chips and salsa for tea.  Again, hardly Extra Easy style but very tasty.

Saturday American friend and hubby joined local friends in Portsmouth.  I wimped out because there was still enough snow around to need me to dig out my hiking boots.  I haven’t worn them for at least 10 years and decided that this was not the time to start.  I had more soup for lunch.  Then they all arrived back here and we had Dominos Pizza for tea.  I am ashamed to admit that I ate an entire half of a large Meteor.  But, oh boy, was it nice!

So I was somewhat shocked this morning when I jumped on the scales to find that there may well have been a half-pound loss.  Fingers crossed it is that way tomorrow but I definitely don’t deserve it.  Today’s meal plan is VERY much Extra Easy Style.  American friend has caught the train to London so he can do tourist stuff before going to a hotel ready to catch his plane tomorrow morning – today’s snowfall willing.

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