Back in the driving seat

OK.  Enough of yesterday’s (self) pity party.  Today is a new day.  It’s also the second sunny day in three.  A good dose of sunshine always perks me up at this time of year.

Last night’s home made pizza doesn’t seem to have had too negative an impact on my waistline.  I also had a glass of wine.  Why?  Just because I felt like it.  I really felt the urge to get on with some housework this morning, first time since Christmas.  So the bathroom is cleaned, the downstairs loo is nearly finished, the kettle is de-scaled, the third load of washing is doing, and the ironing is pencilled in for later.  Right now I’m taking time out ‘cos my thighs are telling me off – all that squatting to standing whilst cleaning.  Plus the cricket’s on. 😉

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that on Sunday I had to dig a belt out of the wardrobe.  My jeans were getting a bit too gappy round the waist for public decency.

Last night my daughter suggested that, as I needed a belt, maybe I’d replace some fat with muscle.  Muscle is more compact and denser, thus you are thinner but your weight doesn’t show it.  So I’m using this as my excuse for maintaining.

As I haven’t been to the greengrocers this morning there’s no fresh veg for soup making so I’m ‘making do’ with a chicken salad for lunch.  It’s a bit late now to bung a jacket in the oven (yes I know I can do them in the microwave but they’re so much more tasty out the oven).

4 thoughts on “Back in the driving seat

  1. Dox

    If you keep a bag of frozen veg in the freezer it tides you over between greengrocer days 🙂 I make soup with frozen quite often 🙂 or can do tomato and bean soup ( eg tinned kidney beans ) with beef stock cube + seasonings if you don’t want to venture out especially for veg 🙂 assuming beans aren’t too synful! 😉

    Have you tried starting jackets off in microwave and then just putting in hot oven to crisp up?

    It’s the little get arounds you learn that save ya on those awkward day lol.

    Sounds like you are doing great!

    1. anayarivenwood Post author

      Thanks for that. Think my poor brain is absent today ‘cos I never thought of that. Nope, beans and tomatoes is good stuff, not a syn in sight.

      Nice to see you here.


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